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How to Increase the Security of Your Garage Door

Your garage door isn’t just an entrance to your home; it’s a potential gateway for unwanted intruders. It’s crucial, therefore, to ensure its security is top-notch.

You might think you’re safe if your garage door is shut, but there are other factors to consider.

What kind of opener do you have? Is it a smart one that gives you more control?

Are the locks sturdy and in good condition?

What about maintenance—have you been neglecting it?

Do your windows provide a sneak peek for prying eyes, and can they easily break them open?

In this article, we’ll show you how to address these issues and significantly enhance the security of your garage door.

Do Not Leave Your Garage Doors Open When You Are Not There

Don’t make the mistake of leaving your garage doors wide open when you’re not around; it’s an open invitation for unwanted guests.

This seemingly harmless habit can compromise your home’s security significantly. Thieves are opportunists, and an unsecured garage door is a golden opportunity.

Always ensure to close and lock your garage door, even if you’re just popping out briefly. It’s a simple yet effective way to bolster your home’s security.

Use a Smart Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener Tigard

Isn’t it time you stepped up your home’s safety game with a smart garage door opener? These high-tech devices offer advanced security features like smartphone control, real-time alerts, and encryption. You can even schedule when the door should open or close.

Additionally, most models have rolling code technology that changes the access code after every use, making it harder for burglars to gain entry.

Keep Up with Your Garage Door Maintenance

Staying on top of regular maintenance checks with your garage door experts can help ensure that your automated entryway operates smoothly and safely at all times. This includes inspecting the door’s mechanics, checking for wear and tear, and ensuring the remote control works properly. It also involves making sure sensors are aligned correctly. A well-maintained garage door is less likely to be a target for thieves or break-ins.

Do Not Leave Valuables in Your Garage or Car

Leaving your prized possessions in plain sight in the car or garage might as well be like wrapping them up with a bow for potential thieves. Keep valuables out of sight or preferably not in the garage at all.

If you must store something valuable, ensure it’s hidden from view. Also, avoid leaving spare keys around – they’re an open invitation to burglars.

Always remember, better safe than sorry!

Make Sure Your Garage Door Windows are Covered

While it’s critical not to tempt thieves by leaving valuables in plain sight, another vital step is securing your garage door windows. If you have windows in your garage door, ensure they’re covered.

A clear view into your garage can be an open invitation for burglars. Utilize blinds or curtains, or consider applying a frosted film for privacy and security without sacrificing natural light.

Install a Garage Security System

Transforming your car’s haven into a fortress isn’t complete without installing an advanced security system. Here are some safety features you can take:

  • Opt for a security system that sends instant alerts to your phone.
  • Install cameras for 24/7 surveillance.
  • Use motion sensor lights to deter intruders.

These additions fortify your garage, allowing you peace of mind knowing it’s less appealing to potential thieves.

Install Lights to Shine on Your Garage Doors

Garage Door Service Tigard

Ensuring your driveway is well-lit can act as a powerful deterrent for potential intruders. Install bright, motion-activated lights above your garage doors or off to the side of your yard. This not only enhances visibility but also startles and discourages thieves. Choose LED lights for energy efficiency and longevity. Remember to angle them correctly so they illuminate the entire area without blinding you or your neighbors. A well-lit garage boosts security significantly.

Check Your Garage Door Locks from Time to Time

It’s crucial to give those locks on your garage doors a routine check-up; imagine them as vigilant sentinels standing guard, ready to keep unwanted visitors at bay.

Look for signs of wear and tear, rust, broken springs, broken garage door, or any malfunction. If you notice something amiss, don’t hesitate to contact your local garage door professional for repair or replacement.

Remember, a functional lock is a significant barrier against potential thieves aiming for your valuable possessions.

John’s Custom Garage Doors Performs Maintenance, Repairs, Safety Inspections, and Everything You Need for a Functional Garage Door

At John’s Custom Garage Doors, we pride ourselves on being more than just your average garage door company. As a locally owned and operated business, we believe in treating our customers like family. That’s why a large portion of our business comes from satisfied customers spreading the word about our exceptional service. Since 1948, we have been dedicated to installing, repairing, and maintaining garage doors in the Tigard area. Our qualified team of friendly, affordable, and skilled technicians consistently delivers top-notch results, ensuring that your garage door is always in optimal condition.

We understand that your garage door is an integral part of your home, providing protection, storage, and added value. That’s why we offer professional garage door servicing in Tigard to ensure its longevity and functionality.

Don’t hesitate to call or contact us today, and let us show you the difference our years of experience can make. Excellent customer service is our top priority.

We offer a wide selection of quality garage door services:

  • Commercial Garage Door Services
  • Residential Garage Door Services
  • Garage Door Installations
  • Complete Garage Door Replacements
  • Garage Door Repair Services
  • Garage Door Opener Repair and Installation
  • Garage Door Preventative Maintenance

Visit our About Us page for more information about our garage door company.

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How to Increase the Security of Your Garage Door

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