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Garage Door Repair Beaverton

Questions to Ask When Seeking Garage Door Repair Services

Looking for garage door services?

Are you planning on hiring a company for garage door repair services in Beaverton? If so – you may not want to pick up the phone and just call the nearest one. As with any repair service, it’s important to adequately vet the business you plan to work with before you pay money to hire them.

Garage Door Services in BeavertonUnfortunately, despite all the legal regulations surrounding business, fraudulent companies do exist and they’re not as rare as some people seem to think. And when it comes to the overhead door industry, fraud is a real problem. There are no licensing requirements for companies who offer repair services for garage doors. That means just about anyone can call themselves a “professional garage door repair technician”, even if they have zero experience.

To make matters even worse, there are very few options for recourse if an uninsured company takes advantage of you. If you want to ensure you hire only reputable technicians, keep reading to learn what questions you should ask them.

The hiring process will be much easier once you get the right answers to all the following questions:

Are You Licensed, Bonded & Insured to Do Garage Door Repairs?

The process of garage door repair can be fairly involved, so first and foremost you need to find a company that knows the business and is licensed in your state. Garage doors can also be dangerous; they’re heavy and the process of installation and repair is technical. Hiring an insured company will guarantee no injuries or accidents that happen on the job fall back on the homeowner. Are their workers covered by workers compensation? Is the company bonded and insured against liability? This is important in case a mistake is made and they damage your property.

Do You References from Other Garage Door Repairs?

Customer recommendations are among the best endorsement for any company, especially when they don’t come from a cherry-picked list of favorites. Ask for their most recent references for an idea of their current work and the feedback they’ve received and do some follow-up research of your own online. A garage door repair company with a top-notch reputation will be more than happy to share. You may also want to check the Better Business Bureau to make sure there are no complaints lodged against them.

Do You Offer Any Repair Guarantees?

You should know what you’re paying for before you hand over any money, and that includes asking about any guarantees, warranties, or other offers that set them apart from the rest. Some services, for instance, stay competitive with low price guarantees. It’s also a good idea to ask about any hidden fees up front because you deserve an honest quote and a fair price for all garage door services.

It ultimately comes down to an expected level of honesty between you and your garage door repair company. This isn’t just a business transaction, it’s a new relationship, and if it goes smoothly, you’ll be working together whenever garage door maintenance is needed in the future.

Are You Experienced in Repairing the Type of Garage Door That I Have?

Although most garage door repair services will fix spring or cable and roller doors, some may not. Some services specialize in one type of door repair. Some companies specialize in only one or two types, so make sure you choose a service with relevant experience fixing your kind of door.

Do You Offer Repair Estimates?

A reputable company would be happy to provide you with a free estimate and basic rundown of how the repair process works. If they refuse or dodge your questions and try to pressure you into having them come out to the location for an inspection first, then they probably aren’t a good fit.

What Forms of Payment Do You Accept for Repairs?

Be wary of businesses who will only take cash. This is a big warning sign that the business is operating without proper licensing and without paying taxes owed. Nearly all honest services will take credit cards, checks and cash.

How Long Will the Repair Take?

Ask how long the garage door repair company will take to complete your project. Some take pride in offering same- or next-day service. In any case, make sure they can finish your job within a reasonable amount of time.

What Are Your Qualifications?

Are the company’s garage door repair technicians certified by industry trade associations? Do they attend regular training sessions to stay current on the latest techniques, tools, and products?

For Reliable Garage Door Repair in Beaverton Call Us Today!

If your garage doors are stuck open, stuck closed, shimmy while moving, makes loud noises during movement, the garage door opener won’t work, the door falls fast when lowered, or the door reverses part way, John’s Custom Garage Doors can address all these issues and more. If you encounter any of these garage door problems, call immediately. Some door problems can become worse when not repaired. This can trap your car inside, or worse, present a security concern when a garage door is stuck open or safety issue when measures are not working properly. Though we do provide emergency in Beaverton, we’ve found that customers have a much more relaxing repair experience before a garage door repair becomes an emergency.

Our services cover all varieties of garage door including commercial garage doors. The expert staff at John’s Custom Garage Doors is friendly and trustworthy, and we strive to provide premier customer service in the area. This means that we will not rest until you are completely satisfied with the quality of your repairs. We specialize in repairing any and all types of garage doors from traditional wood styles to modern steel and aluminum styles, from the frames to broken springs. No matter what type of garage door you have, we have the skills and parts required to restore it.

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Questions to Ask When Seeking Garage Door Repair Services

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