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Important Garage Door Repairs

When And Why To Have Your Garage Door Repaired

The Importance Of Calling A Technician

If your garage door isn’t functioning properly it can be very frustrating and have a negative impact on your everyday life. Having your garage repaired by a professional can quickly get you back to where you need to be. Postponing or ignoring the problems can have damaging and expensive repercussions. If something doesn’t look or sound right call a garage door repairman as soon as you can to prevent further issues. They will inspect and diagnose any issues that they find. And while the technicians are there they can also maintenance parts of your system that haven’t been done in a while which will prevent any near future repairs.

What Are Common Issues With Garage Doors?

Common problems that affect many homeowners and should be repaired by a professional include malfunctioning photo eyes, broken remote, broken springs, misaligned tracks and many more. Garage systems are complex and have a lot of different components so it is common for issues to arise throughout the lifetime of your garage.

When your photo eyes aren’t working your garage won’t have the safety feature that prevents the heavy door from closing on things. This can be dangerous especially if you have pets or small children. If your photo eyes are misaligned it can cause your door to not close properly or revert to the open position. Both of these can be a nuisance to homeowners and should be repaired quickly.

When your remote or clicker isn’t working to open and close your garage door, it could be a simple fix of replacing the dead batteries but if that doesn’t work it could be a different issue. When changing the batteries doesn’t work there could be an issue with the connection between the remote and the opener itself. This is a wiring issue and should be handled by a professional technician. Syncing the remote to the controller is a fairly simple process if you are trained properly.

Broken springs should definitely be repaired by a professional and a professional only. These springs are responsible for holding up a heavy door that weighs a couple hundred pounds and when in certain positions retain a lot of tension in them. If not handled properly these springs could snap and cause injury. When your springs are broken it will be easy to tell because your door won’t operate properly. It might close very hard with a bang, it could hang crooked or your door might only open a few inches. These are all signs that your springs are broken. If you see any of these you should call a garage door technician promptly to get your springs repaired.

Garage Door Replacements And Repairs

When To Get Your Garage RepairedSometimes it’s not your garage system that is damaged but the actual door itself that needs some help. Broken garage door panels are a very common occurrence and should be repaired or replaced quickly. If you are still using your garage with damaged panels it can cause the system to not run smoothly and can actually cause your alignment to become messed up and result in other costly repairs. But depending on what type of door you have your repairs might be different. The most common type of garage door is a paneled garage doors made out of many different materials like aluminum and steel. These panels are fairly inexpensive and easy to repair. Other garage doors like wood or glass can be more challenging to repair.

Repair And Upgrade Sanctimoniously

If you have a broken spring it is generally recommended to replace both of them at the same time because it is common for them to break down at the same time. So replacing them together eliminates the need for a future replacement. During your repairs you can also upgrade other parts of your system. Newer technology in your system has many benefits and not many drawbacks. A new garage opener is much quieter and smoother than the chain driven openers. These openers also require a lot less maintenance and last much longer. They also provide the ability to open and close your garage from your smartphone. After downloading and app and syncing your phone to your garage opener you can now open, close, lock and monitor your garage from a far distance. All of the cutting edge technology that is available for you garage provides an optimal system with the least amount of maintenance and repairs.

Why Should You Hire A Professional?

When you need your garage door repaired you should really get help from a professional. Trying to do these things yourself can cause larger issues and more costly repairs. Hiring a technician ensures your repair will be done quickly and correctly. The people who perform this work on an everyday basis have all the knowledge and experience to get the job done right. There are different tools and equipment that are needed for each job and not everyone has those readily available. And having your repairs done by a professional also provides peace of mind for you. Knowing that it will be done correctly means there’s no need to worry. Quality technicians provide quality repairs.

Call Portland’s Best For Garage Door Repairs

When you need your garage door repaired quickly and correctly, there’s only one company in Portland you can trust to get the job done. John’s Custom Garage Doors has the best team of experienced and qualified technicians. Trusting just anyone to work on your garage system is risky and can result in faulty repairs that need to be fixed again later on. Working with the right team makes all the difference. Reliable work done by a friendly and professional group of people is what you can expect from John’s Custom Garage Doors. We provide many services to all of our Portland residents. Garage door repair, broken spring repair, garage door opener repair, new door installation, and more, all supplied with friendly smiles and trustworthy work. Whenever you have an issue arise with your garage system don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our team is fast and effective, we will have your garage back to working in no time!

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When And Why To Have Your Garage Door Repaired

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