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Broken Spring Repair Forest Grove

We Offer Garage Door Spring Repair

Broken Spring Repair Forest GroveWhen you need a spring repair in Forest Grove, John’s Custom Garage Doors offers the best garage door service around. Since 1948 we’ve been providing Forest Grove residents with the safest, quickest, and most professional broken spring repairs. Though the parts of your garage’s door undergo varying amounts of stress, none of them work quite as hard as your door spring.

Several parts of your garage’s door undergo large amounts of stress, but none of them work quite as hard as the door spring.

Every time the door moves up or down, it wears on the torsion spring. Most garage door springs are designed to last roughly 10,000 cycles or about 7 years. It’s easy to take these parts for granted, but once they fail, you’ll want fast broken spring repair that Forest Grove residents can rely on.

As a family owned business in operation since 1948, we’ve replaced thousands of springs. When you want expert level repairs at a fantastic price, you won’t find more experienced garage door specialists in Forest Grove.

Benefits of Professional Broken Spring Repairs

Broken Spring Repair Forest GroveGarage doors in Forest Grove come in all shapes and sizes, as do springs. Extension and torsion springs both come with their own replacement difficulties, so it’s always in a garage door owner’s best interest to let the professionals provide broken garage door spring repair.

We proudly offer these services:

  • Spring Parts – It can be difficult and time-consuming to track down a spring replacement on short notice. This is true for residential garage door springs as well as for commercial garage door springs. Our spring repair technicians have high-quality spring repair replacement parts on hand. Regardless of your garage door type, we’ll have the right part to fix it. Don’t spend time searching and praying your part arrives on time, call the professionals.
  • Spring Repair Safety – You may not realize it, but a garage door spring can exert enough force to cause a fatal accident. That’s in addition to the myriad moving parts on a garage door, all of which are capable of harming an amateur. It only seems like a good idea until you get hurt, and our technicians can help you bypass the potential for personal injury entirely. Our repairs are fast, safe, and reliable.
  • Warrantied Spring Repairs We warranty all of our garage door spring repairs for 4 years. If you have any problems with your spring in that time, simply give us a call and one of our experienced technicians will be out to perform a full, free installation of a new spring for your broken spring replacement.

Also, see us for garage door replacement and repairs.

Contacting Us is Easier Than Replacing it Yourself!

Don’t struggle with figuring out how to get to work when your car is stuck in the garage. Don’t feel forced to beg your in-laws to pick up your children from school.
Contact us today for broken spring repair in Forest Grove