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Broken Spring Repair Beaverton

Need a Broken Garage Door Spring Repaired?

Broken Spring Repair Beaverton, ORIf you’re like most people, you take your garage door for granted. As long as it provides security for our vehicles and protects our belongings from the elements, we don’t give it much thought. But when a garage door stops working due to a broken spring, it doesn’t take long to notice the inconvenience it can pose to our everyday lives. If you need garage door repair in Beaverton, John’s Custom Garage Doors has you covered.

Let the Pros Handle the Job!

One of the most common pieces to break on a garage door system is a torsion spring. The springs undergo immense amounts of pressure as they help to lift and close the heavy door several times a day for years. Springs inevitably fall into disrepair if they become rusty or old.

Broken Spring Repair Beaverton, ORWhen a spring is broken, try to avoid opening and closing the door. The motion can cause further damage to the hardware or knock the door off balance. Our experts can replace or repair the problem safely and efficiently. While springs offer a simple function, replacing them correctly takes skill since each spring has enough force to fatally wound someone who is not careful. We have the experience to be able to safely replace your garage door springs so you don’t have to put yourself in harm’s way.

Broken Spring Repair Warranty

Not only do we repair and replace garage door springs, but we warranty our spring replacement for 4 years! This gives our customers the peace of mind that they need in order to have a worry free garage door repair experience.

Contact us today at John’s Custom Garage Doors for all of your garage door spring repair needs in Beaverton, OR.