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Commercial Garage Doors Beaverton

We Gladly Install and Repair Commercial Garage Doors!

Commercial Garage Doors Beaverton, OR

If you own a business or manage a commercial property, John’s Custom Garage Doors specializes in servicing its garage doors. These types of garage doors take more of a beating than their residential counterparts as they are used more frequently and are generally larger in size.

If you have commercial garage doors that have broken springs or need other types of repair, we offer flexible scheduling and fair pricing on all of our products and garage door services. Our trained technicians will be able to quickly diagnose the problem. Once the issue is identified, our technicians will be able to make repairs quickly and efficiently so that the door functions safely and smoothly.

Commercial Garage Door Section and Panel Repair and Replacement

Doors have several moving parts that all need to be in proper working order. We inspect springs, hinges, rollers, tracks, and all other hardware for damage no matter what service we’re providing.

Heavy-duty springs are a critical part of a functional garage door but are one of the most common repairs we perform. They help counterbalance the weight and allow users to safely roll the door up and down. If it stops working properly, it can damage your valuable property, and if not handled by a professional, these torsion springs can also be dangerous.

Common types of overhead commercial garage doors that we service:

  • Glazed aluminum glass
  • Polyurethane foam core insulated
  • Polystyrene insulated
  • Non-insulated
  • Energy efficient vinyl-backed

Commercial Garage Doors from John’s Custom Garage Doors

Commercial Garage Doors Beaverton, ORAt John’s Custom Garage Doors, we provide free estimates to our customers so that there are no price surprises, even with brand new doors. We also are committed to providing customer satisfaction, which means that we will promptly respond to your issue and fix it as fast as possible.

This type of service and dedication is what has made us the leading garage door repair service in the area. Our experience with garage doors in Beaverton also makes it possible for us to be able to service and work on any type or brand of garage door systems.

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We service all of Beaverton, even as far out as Scholls Ferry Road and the West Slope neighborhoods.