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Broken Spring Repair Hillsboro

We Gladly Do Broken Spring Repairs!

Broken Spring Repair HillsboroFor fast, efficient, professional garage door spring repair in Hillsboro, contact John’s Custom Garage Doors. We’ve been providing the area with new garage doors and exceptional garage door repair services since 1948. In that time, we’ve seen it all and know that one of the hardest working systems in your Hillsboro garage door is the spring.

Springs get a lot of use every time you open or close your garage door. They are easily taken for granted and are easily broken. You can take immaculate care of your garage door, but most springs are only designed to last for 10,000 cycles. That’s roughly 7 years. Once your garage door fails, you’ll need a fast repair.

Professional Garage Spring Repair Benefits

Garage Door Springs HillsboroGarage doors come in a variety of types, and so do springs. Torsion and extension springs both present unique replacement difficulties, so always leave this type of risky work to an expert.

  • Broken Spring Repair Parts – Tracking down a correct spring for your garage door can be time-consuming as well as difficult, especially when it’s a commercial grade garage door. We have access to the best spring replacement parts available. They’re always on-hand. No matter what kind of garage door you have, we have the spring required for its broken spring repair. Why search retail sites, praying it arrives in time, instead of calling a professional?
  • Broken Spring Repair Safety – Garage door springs carry an incredible amount of force. If that force is accidentally unleashed by an amateur home repairman it can be fatal. Professional technicians know how to safely and properly remove broken springs. A broken spring can even damage other components if improperly handled. Our broken spring technicians are experts. We’ll have your garage door repaired correctly, to ensure it has the longest lifespan possible.
  • Broken Spring Repair Timeliness – We’ll always be there on time. We’re committed to repairs that don’t leave you waiting. Timeliness is incredibly important, especially when the safety of your home and ability to support your family is at stake. Our expertly trained technicians work safely and quickly, getting you moving again.
  • Broken Spring Repair Warranty – All of our broken spring repairs are warrantied for 4 years. If you experience any spring trouble in that time you can rely on John’s Custom Garage Doors for a quick, thorough, and professionally installed broken spring replacement.

Also, see us for garage door replacement and garage door repairs.

Don’t wonder how you’ll get to work. Don’t struggle to find a ride for your kids.
Contact John’s Custom Garage Doors at the first sign of a need for Broken Spring Repair in Hillsboro, OR.