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Broken Spring Repair Tigard

We Fix Broken Garage Door Springs!

Broken Spring Repair Tigard

When you want fast and professional garage door spring repair in Tigard, contact the experts at John’s Custom Garage Doors. We’ve been Tigard’s first choice for broken spring repair since 1948. Since the hardest working part of your garage door is the spring, it will likely need repair at some point during your door’s life cycle.

Repairing the spring helps you avoid the cost of getting an entirely new garage door. Springs are put to use every time your garage door opens or closes. They are often taken for granted and can break suddenly. Garage door springs are only designed to last for roughly 10,000 cycles or about 7 years of average use. When they fail it’s important to get them repaired fast. That’s where we can help!

Get Your Broken Spring Repaired Professionally.

Broken Spring Repair Tigard

  • Broken Spring Repair Parts – It can be difficult and time-consuming to find the correct spring for your broken garage door in Tigard. Commercial-grade garage doors can be even harder. We have fast access to all spring types for any make and model of door. That means faster spring repair when you need it most. Why hope you find the right thing on a retail site when you can just call a garage door repair professional
  • Broken Spring Repair Safety Springs are wound incredibly tight and carry a massive amount of tension. They can expel enough force to cause permanent and life-threatening injuries. Our broken spring repair technicians in Tigard can safely handle these dangerous springs. That means avoiding personal injury to yourself and your door. We’ll get you back the full functionality of your door with none of the risks of doing it yourself, guaranteed.
  • Broken Spring Repair Warranty Not only are we incredibly timely in our repair work, getting to you when we say we will, but we also warranty our broken spring repair services in Tigard. Every spring repair is warranted for 4 years. If you have any trouble in that time, all it takes is a phone call. We’ll have a service technician out to your property in no time to provide you with a thorough, quick, and professional re-installation for your broken spring.

Contacting Us is Easier Than Repairing it Yourself!
Stop worrying about a car that’s stuck in the garage, considering how you’ll get to work or get your children to school on time. Contact John’s Custom Garage Doors at the first sign of a broken spring for exceptional broken spring repair in Tigard.