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Garage Door Opener Repair Forest Grove

Does Your Garage Door Opener Need Repair?

Garage Door Opener Repair Forest Grove

Garage door openers typically last around 30 years. Automatic openers last significantly less, at about 10 – 12 years. This can be extended with maintenance, but openers are frequently neglected. It’s easy for homeowners to forget about them when they work correctly. When they don’t work correctly, John’s Custom Garage Doors is happy to provide garage door opener repair that Forest Grove residents have trusted since 1948.

Common garage door opener problems include:

  • Dead batteries: One of the first things to check is your transmitter batteries. The ones in your portable opener or wall opener may have died, and this is an easy fix that you can do yourself.
  • Broken logic board: This is your signal receiver, and power surges, corrosion, or simply time can lead to its failure. We carry logic boards for the majority of garage door openers, and can typically provide same day replacement.
  • Worn gears and shafts: With a wide range of moving parts, one of the hardest working parts is the garage door opener assembly. Parts can wear and are actually designed to fail in the event certain instances may damage more expensive areas. We can replace worn out or damaged assemblies, getting your garage door running smoothly again.
  • Faulty safety sensors: Malfunctioning or improperly placed sensors can lead to a range of problems including automatic reversal at inopportune times. We can diagnose the problem in full and provide replacement or re-positioning if necessary.
  • Bad wiring: Corrosion and shorts can cause weakened signals. Cut wires can stop a signal from carrying altogether. Our technicians will look for these and other damage like pinches, frays, or exposed wiring that can negatively affect the functioning of your garage door opener.

Get Garage Door Opener Repair When You Need It!

Garage Door Opener Repair Forest GroveOur craft has been carried on for generations. When you choose John’s for your Forest Grove garage door opener repair you get a legacy of great service. We built our business on doing right by the customer. That’s why we get there quickly, carry even hard to find replacement parts for nearly every garage door make and model, and properly diagnose your problem before even beginning repairs.

No need to assume you need an entirely new garage door. If there are multiple solutions for your issue, we’ll let you know the pros and cons of replacement versus repair. If we carry parts such as springs and panels from different manufacturers that will work, we’ll advise you on the best choice for your particular situation. Our technicians are here to help, and they know that garage door opener repair comes from trustworthy, honest technicians like ours.

We repair garage door openers that:

  • Won’t open doors
  • Make unusual noise
  • Reverse on its own
  • Closes or opens on their own

  • Won’t work
  • Won’t open or close all the way
  • Work intermittently
  • Need maintenance

Contact Us For Garage Door Opener Repair Today!

When you need reliable, comprehensive garage door repair or installation in Forest Grove, schedule an appointment with the local garage door specialists at John’s Custom Garage Doors. Our vehicles are always working throughout Forest Grove, and we often provide same day service!