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Garage Door Service Hillsboro

Garage Door Service

Garage Door Service Hillsboro

For the best garage door service in Hillsboro, you want John’s Custom Garage Doors. We’ve been providing Hillsboro with garage door service for over 60 years, and in that time we’ve learned a thing or one hundred. No matter what garage door service you require, we have you covered. Whether you need garage door repair, installation, or maintenance servicing, our experience and expertise make John’s Custom Garage Doors the most sought-after garage door service provider in Hillsboro, OR.

We handle any size project, whether for your home or place of business. Our services cover:

Complete Garage Door Services

Garage Door Service in Hillsboro
Garage Door Repair – The cornerstone of every great garage door service provider is garage door repair. Whether it is due to an accident, inclement weather, or anything else, our expert staff can repair your garage door as good as new. We don’t rest until your garage door service leaves you with the perfect garage door. With quality repairs, you can rely on our work for years to come.

Garage Door Replacement – There’s never been a better time for a garage door replacement then now. We can match the look of your house and provide the perfect complementary color pattern to give your garage door the look you’ve always wanted. Our garage door service provides you with an incredible selection, excellent craftsmanship, and a flawless installation.

Broken Spring Repair – Broken springs can happen anytime. As the most commonly worn component on your garage door, we recommend against replacing them yourself. These springs have the force to fatally wound someone, and we have the skill to replace them safely and quickly. That makes this one of the most important garage door services of all.

Garage Door Opener Repair and Replacement – We’re experts when it comes to your garage door openers. Servicing can help prevent the breakdown of your garage door opener. Given enough time these can stop working, and when they do our technicians are skilled and experienced in all manner of diagnostic and repair.

Commercial Garage Doors – Your business can require security and solutions that your home may not. This can include the installation of heavy-duty, commercial-grade garage doors. Our garage door service covers this installation, servicing, and repair. When something goes wrong with a door at your business, you need a garage door service provider you can trust. We provide free estimates, quick diagnostics, and timely repairs.

For all your garage doors in Hillsboro, there is no better choice than John’s Custom Garage Doors. For exceptional garage door repairs and unparalleled experience, Contact John’s Custom Garage Doors.

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Common Garage Doors Questions

What are the most common materials used for garage doors?
The most common materials used for garage doors are steel, aluminum, and wood. Steel doors are the most popular because they are durable, low-maintenance, and can be insulated. Aluminum doors are lightweight, rust-resistant, and low-maintenance. Wood doors offer a traditional and stylish look, but require more maintenance than other materials.
How often should I have my garage door serviced?
Garage doors should be serviced at least once a year to ensure they are operating safely and efficiently. A professional technician can inspect and lubricate the moving parts, check the springs and cables for wear and tear, and test the safety features to make sure they are functioning properly.
What is the average lifespan of a garage door?
The average lifespan of a garage door depends on the material and how well it is maintained. Steel doors can last 20-25 years, while wood doors can last 15-20 years. Aluminum doors have a shorter lifespan of 10-15 years. Regular maintenance can help extend the lifespan of a garage door.
How do I know if my garage door needs to be repaired or replaced?
If your garage door is making unusual noises, shaking or vibrating excessively, or not opening or closing smoothly, it may need to be repaired or replaced. Contact us today. We can inspect the door and determine if it can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced.
What safety features should I look for in a garage door opener?
Modern garage door openers should have safety features such as automatic reversal and photoelectric sensors. An automatic reversal will cause the door to stop and reverse direction if it encounters an obstacle, while photoelectric sensors can detect any objects in the door’s path and prevent it from closing. A manual release mechanism is also an important safety feature in case of power outages or emergencies.