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Common Garage Door Problems

Why Won’t My Garage Door Work?

Are you having issues with your garage door in Portland? Here at John’s Custom Garage Doors, we’ve seen it all. As a commercial and residential garage door service company, we understand that you may sometimes be able to fix the issue yourself. However, there are many reasons why leaving garage door repair to the professionals is best. If you know what’s wrong with your garage door, you may be able to determine whether you need our help or if you can fix the problem on your own. Keep in mind that we never recommend for homeowners to attempt to repair broken springs on their own, as that is very dangerous and can result in serious injury.

Transmitter Batteries Are Dead

While it may seem obvious, one of the most common reasons for a garage door to suddenly stop working is dead batteries in the transmitter. In these cases, the transmitter is unable to send a signal to open your garage door. First, check to see if the transmitter on the wall in your garage can open the door. If so, then your mobile transmitter (in your car) may have dead batteries. If your car transmitter’s batteries died, then it’s likely time to replace the batteries in the other transmitters as well. In this case, you probably don’t need our expert garage door repair services. However, if changing the batteries still doesn’t work, you may want to call us for a technician to diagnose the issue.

Photo Eye Is Misaligned

Garage doors, particularly those installed and manufactured after 1993, have safety features to prevent injuries due to closing garage doors. Two photo eye sensors transmit signals to each other from either side of your garage door. If anything gets in the way of this signal, the garage door won’t close. This process helps avoid unnecessary injuries due to automatic closing garage doors. If your garage door opens normally, but won’t close, your photo eye sensors may be out of alignment. They may also be dirty. If you need to clean the photo eyes, be very careful not to scratch or damage the eye. Once you clean the photo eyes and you still have troubles closing the garage door, you may need to check the alignment. You’ll need a level to perform this step. However, you can also always call the garage door technicians at John’s Custom Garage Doors in Portland to help you re-align your photo eyes.

Garage Door is Out of Alignment

common garage door problemsIf you suspect that your garage door is out of alignment, call a professional garage door service company such as John’s Custom Garage Doors in Portland. The metal track that your garage door runs on has to be aligned properly in order for your door to move. If you see gaps between the rollers and the rail or if the rails are bent, you definitely need professional garage door repair services. If you hear a rubbing noise when the garage door closes or opens, you may have a misalignment. We recommend having a garage door professional realign your garage door. Garage doors are very heavy and cause many injuries to homeowners every year. Our technicians have the proper training to safely realign your garage door.

Broken Springs

Another common garage door problem is broken garage door springs. If your garage door won’t go up and you’re sure that you have power to the motor and your transmitters are working properly, you may have broken torsion springs. The sound of torsion springs breaking is unmistakable. You’ll hear a loud bang from inside your garage. We’ve had clients describe the sound as a firecracker going off. If either of your springs are broken, you’ll want to hire a professional garage door technician to handle the issue. While many people think the garage door opener does the work of lifting your heavy garage door, it’s actually the springs.

Garage Door Limit Settings Set Improperly

Occasionally, the issue with your garage door just has to do with your limit range. The limit range tells the garage door opener how far the door should move before it’s fully closed. If the settings are off, your door may hit the ground before the opener thinks it should and then reopen. There are knobs or dials on the garage door motor that you can use to adjust the limit settings on your own. You should consult the owner’s manual to find more specific information on how to adjust the limit settings. You may need to experiment with a few different settings before finally getting one that works. If adjusting the limit settings doesn’t work, call a professional garage door technician at John’s Custom Garage Doors to take a look.

How Can John’s Custom Garage Doors Help?

Whether you’re looking for a full replacement of your existing garage door and need help picking a new garage door or if you’re looking for a garage door repair service, John’s Custom Garage Doors can help. Increase your home value by making sure your new garage door is properly installed. If you want to try a different automatic opener or your garage door feels heavy, we can handle it. If your garage door has significant damage or it has a single cracked panel, we can handle it. Call today to get started!

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Common Garage Door Problems

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