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How Often Should You Repair Your Garage Door?

Your garage door is an essential safety feature of your house. For this reason, it requires proper care and maintenance to function properly and provide sufficient security for your family. Many different things could go wrong with your garage door, and if you wait a while to repair or replace it, more issues arise in the long run. If you have noticed some malfunctions with your garage door lately, here is an article about how often you should undergo garage door repairs!

Garage door repair

Different features of the garage door will affect how often you end up repairing it. The garage door comprises of several components that are all important to its functionality. If any element isn’t working correctly, the entire door will not perform as it should, which means you might have to conduct repairs. For instance, there are three types of garage door openers – chain drive, screw drive, and belt drive. Chain-driven garage door openers require less maintenance than the other two types because they use a steel chain that slides along a rail to turn the rollers, moving the door up and down.
On the other hand, belt-driven garage door openers are more efficient than chain drives because they don’t use a steel chain, which wears down over time. The problem with them is that it’s easier for something to go wrong due to their higher number of metallic moving parts. For instance, their belts can stretch over time, causing them to slip off track when opening or closing the door. Lastly, screw-drive openers need more maintenance because they use threaded steel rods that can bend or break if not replaced on time.

How often should I repair my garage door?

Depending on the type of garage door opener you have and the frequency of use, experts suggest you conduct repairs after about 18 months for homeowners. Meanwhile, business owners are advised to do this once a year to ensure proper working order. While this is what professionals suggest, repairs should ideally be carried out if and when they necessitate. For instance, if the door is difficult to open and close, this could be a sign that there’s something wrong with the opener, which calls for immediate repairs. If you don’t want to invest in repair costs every six months or so for most people, it might be better to replace your new garage door instead of repairing it after 1 year.

What are the common garage door repair needs?

Since most garage doors are either steel or wooden, it’s normal for these components to wear out over time. For instance, the rollers become worn down with constant use and might break if they’re not maintained regularly. Meanwhile, wood is also prone to damage due to weather conditions like extreme sunlight or humidity that can cause cracking in the wood.
Metal garage doors are also susceptible to rust damage, especially if they have been exposed to rain for a long time or you live in an area with high humidity levels. Since garage door replacement might be difficult and costly, experts suggest homeowners conduct repairs as soon as possible before the problem worsens. The good news is that many of these issues can be easily fixed by hiring a professional garage door company with the proper techniques.

How do I avoid constant repairs on my garage door?

Only proper garage door maintenance will save you from future issues. Make sure to do the following every spring and fall:
– The tracks of the door are lubricated before the winter season. They often get rusty during this time, which means they need cleaning or replacement if necessary. It is also an excellent opportunity to look for any possible damage on the track that might have occurred during winter.
– You can also replace your garage door batteries, which usually die out after a year or so of use.
– The weather seal should be checked and replaced if necessary. If it’s no longer performing properly due to wear and tear, you will have to replace the weather seal.
– Similarly, if your garage door opener has visible damage on it, needs excessive force to open, or is making screeching noises when opening and closing, this should be repaired too.
Garage Door Installation

How do I know that my garage door needs replacing?

If any parts of your garage are no longer functional – such as the garage door, the opener, broken spring, or loose hinges and bolts- it means you should consider replacing them. Also, if your garage door has been hit by a car and can no longer close properly, repairs are recommended as soon as possible. But instead of repairing them cheaply at home, you should always make sure to hire a professional service that will do the job correctly. If there is any problem with your garage door which has not been mentioned, it’s best if you consult an expert for advice on what needs repairing or replacing before making any repairs at home by yourself!

Can I repair the garage door by myself?

In most cases, it is not recommended for homeowners to carry out repairs on their own. This includes changing the once new garage door opener or swapping any parts of your automatic system. This could be dangerous and cause further damage if you do not have prior experience handling these kinds of tasks. The best thing to do would be to call a professional who knows all about garage door service to prevent recurring problems and avoid unnecessary accidents.

Come To Us For Garage Door Repairs!

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How Often Should You Repair Your Garage Door?

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