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Garage Door Forest Grove

We Service Garage Doors in Forest Grove!

Garage Doors Forest Grove

There’s much more to a garage door than meets the eye. Intricate and specialized moving parts keep it working correctly. Different models have unique features like security measures and additional insulation. Depending on the style and material you can match your building or clash with it. From selection to replacement, to installation and repairs, you want a single, reliable source for garage doors in Forest Grove. You want John’s Custom Garage Doors.

Your Forest Grove Garage Door Service Professionals.

We’ve been in the garage door business since 1948. When you get your garage door from us you aren’t just getting the experience of one expert. That’s because our company spans four generations. That mentorship and familial knowledge means that we are Forest Grove’s trusted garage door provider.

Get the Garage Door That’s Right For You.

When you get a new garage door, you want to make sure it’s the right one. Complete services begin with a robust selection. Opening style and materials can be radically different. The choice you make can have an impact on security, insulation, ease of use, and styling. We provide consultation services. With our aid, you can be sure you’re making the right selection. We’ll help identify your needs and show you a wide variety of your best options from the most reliable brand name manufacturers.

Garage door styles and materials include:


  • Wood in a variety of shades and types.
  • Steel is great for commercial applications.
  • Glass includes standard and safety.
  • Aluminum is reliable and affordable

Opening Styles:

  • Swing out provides classic styling.
  • Swing up is great for the traditionalist.
  • Slide to the Side makes a statement.
  • Roll up doors are practical and space saving.

Those are just some of our more popular options. Whatever you’re looking for in a garage door, our technicians can provide it. We don’t just help you find the right garage door, we provide full servicing.

Your Complete Garage Door Company

Garage Doors Forest Grove

  • Garage Door Installation – With full service installation, we guarantee your door will work correctly. We know how to properly install every type of door. Our knowledgeable and incredibly experienced technicians fully test doors before leaving. If you encounter a problem, we’re just a phone call away. Installation is guaranteed so you don’t have to worry in the event that something doesn’t work properly.
  • Garage Door Repair – Our shop is fully stocked with the most common garage door parts. This makes repairs convenient and fast. Independent buyers often have difficulty finding parts. They can take weeks to arrive, leaving your garage stuck in position or exposed to the elements. We can repair every damage type, from openers to springs, and make adjustments that restore the functionality and security of your door.
  • Garage Door Maintenance – Regular maintenance is great for your garage doorForest Grove residents can enjoy fewer repairs and a cheaper cost of ownership. That’s because we can catch problems before they become troublesome. We inspect your door for damage to electrical components, moving parts and more. We can perform many repairs on the spot, keeping your downtime to a minimum or eliminating it entirely.

When you want a garage door in Forest Grove Contact Us for friendly, complete, service that spans generations.